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dominiqueIt was during one of my undergraduate business courses at Pepperdine University when I realized that learning about management or financial practices and tools is helpful, however without the most important asset, the employees, all of these theories and tools will not lead to success. This realization fueled my interest in HR and eventually my wish to found Belana GmbH.

After I completed my MBA in Management and Human Resources Management at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University,
I returned to Switzerland. The following 8 years, I worked in various positions within HR for several international companies in the Banking and the FMCG sector and also spent a brief period in Dubai.

My vision for Belana GmbH is to provide small to medium-size companies and individuals with the professional, efficient yet personal HR know-how and support they need in order to be successful locally and internationally while employing motivated employees.