guiding you
through the maze



  • Hero AG
  • A. Beijmo, moving from Stockholm to Thalwil
  • R. Martos, moving from Murcia to Zurich
  • G. Aviles, moving from Murica to Zurich
  • U. M. Faust, moving from Frankfurt to Zurich
  • M. Reitemeier, moving from Frankfurt to Zurich
  • «Moving abroad with the whole family requires a lot of logistics; arrange the moving, find the right school and house, choose the right insurance, obtaining bank accounts and credit cards...and at the same time deal with all the emotions. With Belana guiding us through all the logistics with direct support and check lists we could focus on acclimating the family to the new environment, which ensured a smooth transition for all of us.»

    a. beijmo

  • «It felt safe moving to Switzerland having Dominique's assistance and professional advise, knowing not only all the issues had already been taken care of, but also any new drawback that would suddenly come up would be perfectly managed and solved.»

    r. martos

  • «I moved from Spain to Switzerland in July 2011, Belana GmbH support me with everything related to the movement, helped me to understand my employment package, insurance requirements, the social security system, and the pension system. They also took care of advising on location and finding a temporary housing for me in a very nice area in Zurich, and then Belana GmbH was a great support when applying and getting the perfect permanent apartment!
    Dominique is professional, reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. She was very supportive through the process of moving and shared very valuable tips about living in Switzerland. And she also has always been prompt, attentive and efficient. I rely on Dominique's expertise to guide me on every question about living and working in Switzerland.»

    g. aviles