guiding you
through the maze


Implementing Successful
Compensation and Benefits Management

Finding one's way through the maze of successful compensation and benefits management without a specialist at your side is a challenging task. Not only do you need to take the local regulations and laws into consideration, but further the success of such a system depends on the process, structure, implementation and most importantly the fit with the company and its culture. We at Belana GmbH have successfully implemented compensation and benefit management systems, have conducted numerous year-end compensation review rounds or market benchmark studies and analysis, which makes us your perfect guide.

Here are some areas we can be of help to you:
  • Conducting a market and competitor analysis based on the data from well-known providers
  • Establishing a total compensation and/or benefits policy
  • Establish competitive total compensation and reward packages per function and level
  • Support evaluation of insurance quotes, pension fund administrators and services offered by benefits administrators
  • Support the implementation of a tool for the administration of a year-end compensation review round

Contact us to discuss your needs and to see how we can guide you through the maze.