guiding you
through the maze


Setting up, Implementing or Adapting
Structured HR Processes and Tools

You are trying to set up and implement a structured HR process, but do not know where to start and how to best set it up so that it fits with your company culture yet adds value? Or you have a process in place but are looking for a tool to use in order to become more efficient, more up-to-date or add more value?

We at Belana GmbH have the resources and most importantly the needed experience to help you with these tasks. Not only have we experienced such implementations as a client and user, but maybe even more importantly, we have ourselves co-designed and/or implemented multiple new and adapted multiple existing HR tools. We however have also implemented or adapted all major HR processes.

Here are only a few areas we could help you:
  • Designing a web-based tool depicting roles and tasks to be completed for each HR process
  • Implementing a year-end compensation review tool
  • Implementing an HR administration tool
  • Switching from one HR administration tool to another
  • Implement an absence management tool
  • Implementing an online recruting tool
  • Switching from multiple tools to one tool for all HR processes

Contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can guide you through the maze.