guiding you
through the maze


Complex International
Employment Matters and Questions

With the workforce becoming increasingly mobile and international, handling employment matters becomes more and more difficult. Not only employees need support in understanding the various aspects of their international employment contracts, but employers as well. Why not hand over the responsibility of finding the answers to your questions or by provide you with an evaluation of possible options. We at Belana GmbH have the necessary knowledge, experience and resources you need to find your way through the maze.

Here are a few of the areas we can support you in:
  • Establishing international contracts including expatriat contracts
  • Setting up contracts for foreign employees hired locally
  • Employees sent on short- or also long-term assignments to another country
  • Evaluating and comparing various social security, compensation and benefit systems
  • Cacluationg cost of living adjustments
  • Providing relocation support
  • Analyzing emplyoment benefits between countries or contracts
  • Conducting net income calculations

Contact us to discuss your needs and to see how we can guide you through the maze.