guiding you
through the maze


Complex International Employment
Matters and Questions

You and your family are moving to or from Switzerland and while you are looking forward to your new challenge and location, there are many questions you have which your HR representative cannot help you with. You have worked in many countries and have contributed to many social security systems or pension funds, or you need support in finding the right solution when it comes to what to do with your insurances or pension fund contributions when leaving Switzerland? Why not hand over the responsibility of finding the answers to your questions or by provide you with an evaluation of possible options to us at Belana GmbH. We are here to help you.

Here some areas where we can support you:
  • Evaluation of your employment package compared to your current package based on a net income approach
  • Explaining and comparing the social security system, your retirement and old age pension coverage / system
  • Providing the necessary understanding of the various options in regards to social security, insurances, pension fund when leaving Switzerland temporarily or permanently

Contact us to discuss your needs and to see how we can guide you through the maze.