guiding you
through the maze


Managing International Moves to,
via or from Switzerland

Moving or relocating to a new country raises many questions and concerns not just when it comes to the house search. We at Belana GmbH, have experienced international moves ourselves and as professionals helped others through such moves. We therefore are unlike any other relocation company. Why not let us help you by answering your questions and handle your concerns in regards to the move. Let us know what you and/or your family need help with and we will provide you with the needed guidance.

Here are just a few of the areas where we can support you:
  • Evaluation of your employment package compared to your current package based on a net income approach
  • Providing a detailed explanation of the insurance requirements and options available in Switzerland
  • Providing the necessary understanding of the various school and child care systems in Switzerland
  • Explaining and comparing the social security system, your retirement and old age pension coverage / system
  • Taking you to get registered with the authorities and opening a bank account
  • Helping you find housing whether that be temporary or permanent including information about the various locations to consider
  • Helping you fill and file all the paper work necessary when hiring a nanny or other support
  • Providing all the necessary information you need to feel comfortable about the move, including checklists and step-by-step instructionsProviding the necessary understanding of the various options in regards to social security, insurances, pension fund when leaving Switzerland temporarily or permanently

We at Belana GmbH, are here to support you. Contact us to discuss your needs and to see how we can guide you through the maze.